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Tukla Valley: A Memoir of the Snow Covered Mountains

When you travel farther the New Baba Mandir from the Adi Baba Mandir, you will see a beautiful snow-covered valley, named Tukla Valley. Situated at an elevation of 12,500 km, can be a risky adventure for the faint-hearted. But, once you reach there and get a hold of your breath, you will see the white valley is a blessing of God. But, did you know that the place has a history to it? This Tibetan highland demo-graphed beauty gets a historical importance from the war memorial built in memory of the British soldiers who fell at the Battle of Tukla.

How To Reach Tukla Valley?

You have to reach Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, and then take a car ride for 72 kms, which will take 2 hours or less, approximately to travel. In order to reach Gangtok you can go by three ways:

  • By Train: Take a train to NJP and once you reach here, you would need a car for the next 5 hours journey to Gangtok, by the meanders of river Teesta. Next, you have to travel for another 2 hours by another car, from Gangtok to Tukla valley, and you might see the white snow then.

  • By Flight: Reach the Bagdogra airport and travel by car to Gangtok. You must pre-book a car to avoid the rush and unnecessary demand for hikes. Eventually, when you reach Gangtok, taken another car to the valley. You might halt at the capital for a day or two and then go the valley as well.

  • By Road: Take a bus to Siliguri bus bay, and then follow the route of the same two cars and reach the Valley, by summing a journey of 7 hours. (approximately).

What To Do At The Tukla Valley?

  • Visit The Jelepla Pass
  • See the panoramic view of the Mt. Kanchenjungha
  • Visit the war memorial
  • Visit the Kuplup lake

When Is The Right Time To Visit The Tukla Valley?

The valley is fully covered with snow in the winters and hence can be avoided at that time. In September-October, the valley becomes red due to the local blooms and gives a majestic ray of life and colour. And, in summer and spring, the beautiful rhododendrons would make your way and visit memorable.

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