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Old Baba Mandir

Also known as Adi Baba Mandir, it is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations of Sikkim. It has been dedicated to Baba Harbhajan Singh, an Indian soldier in the 23rd Regiment, who breathed his last near the Nathu La Pass in East Sikkim in the year 1962 during the Indo-China War. The mandir (temple) has been constructed by the Indian Army at the bunker, which was allotted to the soldier during this stint in the Indian Army and contains his belongings. In the year 1969, Baba Harbhajan was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for this martyrdom. The Old Baba Mandir is not to be confused with the New Baba Mandir, which was constructed in the year 1982 for the convenience of the tourists. This new shrine rests in the junction of the Kupup-Gnathang road. You can visit this shrine if you plan to travel to the Tsongmo and Memencho Lake. The locals believe that the soldier still guards the road and saves the passersby from harm. Furthermore, it is also believed that the water kept in the temple has healing powers that can cure bodily ailments. This water should be consumed within 21 days and during this period, non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited. Moreover, you will find slippers kept at the foot of the temple. It is believed that these slippers can cure foot problems like gout. For those who cannot climb stairs, have breathing problems, or simply fail to reach up to the top of the temple, a facility of sending letters to the Baba has been allowed. Maintenance of the temple is carried out by the Indian Army.

How To Reach Old Baba Mandir?

Your journey will begin from Gangtok City in Sikkim. The Old Baba Mandir is located 60 kilometres away from the city and falls on the way towards the Nathu La Pass, which leads to the Kupup and Tukla Valley. At Tukla, the road bifurcates and leads to the mandir. The temple lies at an elevation of 4000 metres. Visitors have to climb 50 stairs to reach the destination.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Old Baba Mandir?

The roads might remain closed due to snowfall from the end of December to the mid of April. You may not be able to visit the Old Baba Mandir during this time. It entirely depends on your luck. This apart, anytime is a good time to visit the temple.

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