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Homestay in Tinchuley

Tinchuley Hotel BookingTinchuley, stands for three chullahs, which etymologically means three ovens. The name has been derived from the resembling three hilltops that are easily seen from this village. Tinchuley is the small mountain village (rather a hamlet) located in Darjeeling district and situated at an altitude of 5,8000ft. This is the ultimate destination of the nature perceiver, especially the mountain lovers. The place is also liked by those who are looking for the sublime and isolated places for spending their weekends. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful places of India which soothes your eyes at the same time feels your mind with serenity go for the Tinchuley Hotel Booking process right now.


The most exciting and welcoming fact of the place that attracts the real mountain lovers is the place is unexplored and been less crowded by random tourists. And that’s the main reason why you have the pristine touch of nature and the most affectionate touch of the mountain. It’s a newly made tourist destination in the Himalayan region as even a few years back the place was just an ignored hamlet in Darjeeling.

With the help of WWF the village has been developed and became one of the selective places under eco-tourism. Being situated 32 km far from Darjeeling district people, especially the explorers, Trekkers and the rock climbers wish to visit the place badly. The location of the place becomes another thrilling aspect of being the most desired place in this region. Apart from the propinquity from Darjeeling it is 88 km. far from Kalimpong and 35 km. from Gangtok.

Mornings start with the three never-resting hilltops with the splashing of Tista that flows beside the village. 17 families are struggling for their livelihood here. The hotels and lodges with its elegance of simplicity are there to give you the complete flavour of homestay in Tinchuley.

RS Urban Farm

Tariff: Rooms Double Bed: Rs 1500
*10% S.C Charge Extra
Food: Rs 600 per head per Day


Gurung Guest House

Room Double Bed: Rs 1350
Four Beded: Rs 1750
Cottage : Rs 3000
Deluxe Room: Rs 3000
Super Deluxe: Rs 4000
*10% Service Charge
Extra Food: Rs 600 Per head per day.

Gurung Guest House
Gurung Guest House
  • Tinchuley Sunrise Point: Tinchuley has several attractions and the Sunrise Point is the most famous of them. The unusual vies of rising sun can be enjoyed from this place. Kalimpong, Eastern and Western Sikkim, Tista valley Latpanchar and the snow-covered picks of the Himalayan region are seen from this point.
  • Tinchuley Monastery: You can visit the nearest monastery, the highly reserved area for the local inhabitants, where a lama is meditating for 17 long years.
  • Gumpha Dara: Gumpha Dara Rocks are the deep of under grounded, long fern-covered caves through a stirring and formidable forest leads to these rocks. The rocks stand amid the picturesque and scenic landscape. Gumpha Dara rocks are an essence of history as well as the culture that bears the majesty of Indian art and culture throughout the British Raj. Several caves are hidden beneath the dangerous rocks. The interior of the caves is an unfathomable mystery. These historically important rocks evoke a 200-year-old myth.

Tinchuley Tour Package

  • Day1: Pick up from NJP/ Bagdogra and transfer to Tinchuley. Night stay at Tinchuley.
  • Day2: Early Morning Visit Local Village by walking and after breakfast half day sightseeing, Visit Lamahatta and Takdah. Night stay at Tinchuey.
  • Day3: Transfer to NJP/ Bagdogra.
  • We have a team of knowledgeable tour planners that help you choose the best places in best time.
  • You don’t need to take any stress of planning the tour or about the hotels and vehicles.
  • We manage to get you the remote and restricted places of Tinchuley as we have local administrative permission to go there.
  • We offer both family and the solo tour packages.
  • Hotels and lodges are available at an affordable cost.
  • We serve you at the crisis moments with our efficient emergency services.

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