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Gnathang Valley: The White Paradise of East Sikkim

Get ready to witness the paradise on Earth when you travel the Nathang Valley, in East Sikkim. As they say Gnathang Valley, is located at an altitude of 13,500 feet, which is known as the highest location in the Old Silk Route that falls under Indian custody. In the history the lush valley was known as the home for the yak herders, but now, due to too much of snow, they have shifted elsewhere. The valley get its life from the different coloured prayer flags flying in bits, and the gurgling of the snaking rivers that crosses the valley, in intervals. Winters make the valley snow covered by 5 feet, and hence it makes difficult for the travellers to pay a visit here. However, this doesn’t lessen down the number of trekkers from visiting this venue at any time of the year. It is recorded as one of the remotest area of the Tibetan Highlands, but the newly built home stays make the dwell very comfortable and provide the customers with every home like amenities. As the Nathan Valley falls in the middle of the Silk Route circuit and hence considered as the most charming place to stay. So, doesn’t all these call out for an invitation to this peaceful valley?

  • By Train: Take a train to NJP, and there you would find many car rental shops. Book a car for Gangtok. You cannot go to Nathang valley directly so, you have to go through a break journey. You might stay at Gangtok, and then decide to stay for a night at Nathang Valley, for its beautiful landscape. However, the next day take another rented car to Nathang and travel for 4 hours 12 minutes to reach your destination.

  • By Flight: When you reach Bagdogra Airport, you have to again rely on the rented car for your next stop. Go to Gangtok, or Rangpo, you have to book another trip by car for Nathang the next day.

  • By Road: You will reach the bus bay at Siliguri, after a tedious journey and then book the similar to reach Nathang valley. However, you can also do the same if you are paying a visit at Zuluk.

It is said that the valley gets covered with snow by 5 feet, in the winters, which suggests that winter is not the best time to visit the place, which is from January to April. Though if you are a true lover of snow, and don’t mind shivering, then you might visit here in the winters as well. They say the valley changes colour in the different season of the year. When in autumn the valley shines on a bright yellow colour due to the dried up grass and greens, the valley outshines the colour and becomes a flower bed in the rainy season. And, definitely, in the winter you cannot see any colour other than the blissful white. And on the onset of winters this valley also becomes a great spot for the bird lovers.

  • Walk for 20 minutes from the valley and you will find the best sunrise points named Lungthung.
  • The picturesque view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga in the sunrise will take you in awe. The crimson colour will compel you to come again here.
  • You can visit the Monastery
  • Temple marks the religion base strong.
  • Small bridge over a small stream calls for a wonderful place for posing.
  • Visit Eagle’s Nest Bunker which will give you a 360 degree view of the Himalayas, and hence can be an excellent part of the sightseeing.
  • Tukla valley can be in your list of visiting
  • Thambi View Point is another point from where you will get the full view of the Himalayas.
  • If you move ahead from Nathang you will get to the GN Road. Here you will reach Kupup Lake, which is also known as Elephant Lake or Bitan Cho, at 15,600 feet above sea level.
  • Travel to the scared lakes that fall around 25 kms of Nathang Valley, like Changu Lake, Green Lake, Menmecho Lake.
  • You can also go to visit the India-China border at Nathula Pass at 14,000 feet.

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