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Jelep-La-Pass View Point (Silk Route): A Mesmerising View To Remember

When you travel to the East Sikkim, you should never miss the amazing view point of Jelep-La-pass view point. Did you know the name has been given by the Tibetan? The meaning of the word has been conveyed by them in such a manner which means “the lovely level pass”. At an elevation of 13,999 ft, it is only level pass that connects Lhasa to India. It is a beautiful view point with surrounding mountains, between East Sikkim District, India and Tibet Autonomous Region and China. It is a route is 46 metres in length and lies above the Menmecho Lake. One can go for the picturesque view of the pass above the serene beauty of Menmecho. There are many passes, but among them only this pass has managed to be the easiest and most level, among them between Tibet and Sikkim. It has two significant routes, one from Gangtok and the other from Kalimpong. The Kalimpong is way is the most ancient one which that was used for trading wool and fur, since the date last century. But, the route from Gangtok passes from Sherathang, which is nearby Changu Lake and beside Nathu La Pass. But, both routes add the scenic charm to the Pass, as it gets filled with rhododendrons, especially in spring. You will get to see many settlements in this area, and hence you will experience a beautiful panoramic view of the same. You might also take the road of the Tibetan side, which would pass through the Chumbi Valley, of the Tibetan Highlands. Silk route: Jelep-La-pass view point has limited resources, therefore, it is better that you come with prior booking.

How to reach in Jelep La Pass: -

  • By Road: When you reach Gangtok, there you can take a car ride through the town of Sherathang which is adjacent, Changu Lake, close to Kupup Lake and Nathula Pass.
  • By Air plane: You can come down to Bagdogra Station which is close to Siliguri, 124kms away. And from here you have to take a car to go to Gnagtok. And then you might taje the journey henceforth. If you plan to visit Kalimpong, then you might do the same.
  • By Train: The closest station to Gangtok is around 148 kilometers away in New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri. There are many car rentals available here, and hence you can take the journey henceforth.

What to see in Jelep La Pass?

When To Visit Jelep-la Pass

The best time to visit the famous Jelep-la Pass, which is part of the ancient Silk Route in East Sikkim, is between March and May. Alternatively, you can also go there between October and mid-December, but it would be good to know that the Pass itself is inaccessible to tourists.

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