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Thangulam: An Offbeat Hilly Destination Near Kalimpong

If you are searching for an offbeat destination in the boundary of Kalimpong, then Thangulam can be the desired place as it is just at a mere distance of 6 kms from Kalimpong and 3 kms from Delo. It is a hill stay where you would find many Himalayan birds like himalayan monal, fire tailed myzornis, black faced laughing thrush, blue whistling thrush and animals, and is counted as one of the closest to nature destinations in the district of Darjeeling. The place falls in the passing road from Gangtok to Kalimpong. The name of this place has originated from the people of Bhutan, meaning Hill Top. Delo is at a higher altitude (6059ft) than Kalimpong, and Thangulam is at a slightly higher altitude than Delo which is approx 7000ft. Thangulam can be the best place for the people who like to travel at a greater altitude. The landscape of this place attracts the viewers to a greater extent because it has a mixed view of forest and hilly tops. Situated amidst Pankhasari Range forest, Thangulam is sure to take your breath away when you come here. The locale consists of the Bhutia, will make your stay all the more pleasant with their warm smile.

How To Reach There?

  • By Train: Reach NJP by train and take a car to the capital, Gangatok. But your journey doesn’t end here. You have to book another rented car to Thangulam. You have to rely on the pickup service of the hotels, as this area is less explored by other tourists.

  • By Bus: By bus you will reach at the Siliguri bus bay and from here you can travel to Kalimpong and stay for a day there and from there you have to take another journey to Thangu Village.

  • By Flight: You will reach the Bagdogra airport and then you can take the rented car service to reach your desired destination. You will get the same route if you travel to Rangpo and from there take a trip to Thangu.

Why Should You Come To Thangulam, Once?

If you are making a trip to Sikkim and coming down to Kalimpong, then you must not miss Thangulam by any chance. This place will give you a scenic beauty of Sikkim from a higher altitude, with a panoramic view of Mount Kanchenjunga, the serene sea green beauty of River Teesta and Relli on a clear day. If you are a true lover of nature’s urbanity then you Thangulam will not disappoint you.

What To See In Thangulam?

  • You can visit Delo
  • Delo Nursery of exotic cacti and orchids
  • Telescopic view of Sikkim
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Rafting at Chitrey in Teesta or Rangit
  • Monastry
  • Kali Temple
  • Mangaldham temple
  • Banabithi
  • Dr. Grahams Home
  • Munsong Cinchona Plantation
  • You can also pay a visit to Lava, Aritar, Loleygaon, Pedong, Sillery, Rishyap, etc,

What Is The Best Time To Visit Thangulam?

As it is situated at a greater altitude than other hill stations, approximately 7000ft, therefore, winter is not an ideal time to visit. But, if you are a snow lover, then you might definitely pay a visit to the place at the onset of winter. The temperature is approximately rated between 0ºC to 6ºC. But in the summer the weather is very pleasant, hence recommended as the best time to come here. Summers range from 10ºC to 19.5ºC, which is very likeable by all.

If you are unknown to Nepali and Bhutani language, you might get some people talking in Hindi for a better communication.

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