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Best Srilanka Tour Package from Kolkata

Just like a drop of water in the ocean, Sri Lanka falls from the southern tip of India. The most beautiful countries in the world surrounded from the stirring mountains carpeted with lush green tea gardens to palm-fringed peaceful beaches to gushing waterfalls to old forts and wildlife safaris.

The vibrant culture and human activities of peace-loving people to those golden streamlined beaches praised for their postcard pictures since ages. Sri Lanka showers it all.

With myriad charms, Sri Lanka’s history, culture, people and natural beauty are without a doubt alluring. Sri Lanka is indeed a beguiling destination, with a mix of British colonial heritage, the deep beliefs of Buddhist and Sri Lankans followed by sacred relics, various religious festivals and thronged temples.

Sri Lanka beholds the history of over 3000 years and is renowned for the world’s ancient cities including Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, and Digamadulla. The country is remarked for it glorious townships, palaces, temples, monasteries, and theatres carved, laid, modelled and abandoned forgetting the essence of it with time. The ancient cities of Lanka – Anuradhapura is the most recognized and exquisite known to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

Sri Lanka bags a genuine claim to the two monsoon season which means providing rain to the two corners of the country making it a year-round destination. The weather is influenced by the north-eastern monsoon in the north and eastern coastal regions of the country, which brings wind and rain between October and January with the dry season running from May and September.

Sri Lanka is named among the most bio diverse islands in the world due to its extraordinary wildlife and nature. It has the richest amphibian species density in the world that consists of more than 106 species of amphibians of over 90 of which are endemic. Apart from these, it also has about 5800 wild elephants and a huge concentration of leopards, buffalos, and sloth bears with rarest mammals of found only in Sri Lanka including Toque Macaque, red slender Loris, and Purple-faced Langur.

For all the adventure and beach lovers, Sri Lanka with about 1600 km of palm braided coastline laid to perfection is a mesmerizing place to be at. Sri Lanka offers every bit of adrenaline rush to tranquillity and peace - one can get into activities like kayaking , windsurfing, yachting, scuba diving, water skiing or just a peaceful sun beach bathing for a perfect tan.

The best of the Southern beaches include Tangalla, Beruwala, Mirissa, Bentota and Unawatuna to be at where can witness and get into the myriad of options to enjoy from staying in the boutique hotels, enjoying the glowing coral reefs, gentle sandbars and to discover some of the undiscovered corners of the paradise. Among the Eastern beaches, the best one for surfing enthusiasts is Arugam Bay and Uppuyeli Beach. However, on the Western corner of the country to the north of Colombo is the Negambo lagoon.

With the imprint of humungous cultures comes various scrumptious cuisine option such as Malay, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Indian and indigenous flavors to satisfy your cravings. Right from the traditional touch of egg hoppers in breakfast to the classic fiery Sambol in lunch to the famous sour fish curry with sweetness sprinkled treat, Watalappan – the best to dive in to calm your howling taste buds. Sri Lanka has continued to wrap its charm around the traveler from around the world simply by capturing the minds, heart , and soul with tranquillity. The country has been known for its healing system – Ayurveda that has been perfected with mysterious herbs and certain diet to heal the bodies and minds. Explore and experience the beautiful inland country - Sri Lanka and Be a Storyteller !

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