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Ramdhura: The New Found Gem of North Bengal

If you are visiting North Bengal, then you have to visit this village called Ramdhura, to understand the beauty of compactness. Located at a mere distance of 7 kms, this village is the one of the smallest in the country. If you have a weekend in the Himalayas, what would you need apart from the picturesque view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and sun-kissed pine forest with gurgling of the serener blue beauty, River Teesta? Aren’t these three aspects enough for you to drop when you are in North Bengal? Sure they are. Any nature lover would die to come here once in their lifetime. Ramdhura is famous for its home stays that are amidst the mountain facing the Kanchenjunga and cooked home food. Imagine the heavenly combination, when you will see the Kanchenjunga from your transparent window and have your staple food in a cosy room. Isn’t that worth experiencing once in a lifetime? Come here soon, to know what it feels like!

How To Reach Here?

  • By Train:

    You have to take a train to NJP station. Once you reach the station you have to take a car to travel along the snaking river Teesta and reach Kalimpong. Te distance is 70 kms so it will hardly take two hours for you to reach Kalimpong, but here your journey doesn’t end here. You have to take a car of the home stays, and travel for 15 kms more. But as, the road is quite steep, you might need some strength to endure it.

  • By Flight:

    You have to reach the Bagdogra airport and from there you have to travel to Kalimpong by car and hence, again travel further by the pickups by the home stays.

  • By Road:

    Your starting point can be any but you will reach Siliguri when you pre-book a bus. And, reach Kalimpong within few hours from there. Book a pickup, as because there are limited options and within an hour at the max you will reach Ramdhura.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Ramdhura?

The name Ramdhura has originated from Ram (from Ramayana) and Dhura meaning village. It certainly means that the village holds some urban and heavenly feel of beauty. It can be visited at any time of the year, as the charm of this place would never fail to astound you. Ramdhura will delight you with the sparkling sunrise on Mt. Kanchenjunga from your home stay, on a wintery day. But, if you wish to overcome the heat of the plains, in the summer, then you can very well come here and enjoy the cool breeze and refresh your mind. And, the monsoon is the best time to come here for the floating clouds across your room.

With the hills covered with pine trees, this place would fill your heart with tranquillity and serenity. Visit today to feel the essence of it.

What To Do In Ramdhura?

  • You can go for a lovely sightseeing to Icchey Gaon, Sillery Gaon, Pedong, Delo, Kalimpong, Lava and Loleygaon for a better feel of the similar atmosphere.
  • Take a walk by the Cinchona Plantation.
  • Go for a trek in the dense forests, this is a fantastic idea, especially for the bird watchers.
  • Take your children to the Delo Science Park, for more of a natural view of the place.
  • Visit Jalsha Bungalow which was built by the British in 1930
  • Monasteries in Pedagong.
  • You can arrange for day trips to the Algara Bazar, Rikissum and many other places.
  • You can also pay a visit to the nearby Mahadev Dham temple and Hanuman Tok which is also a view point.
  • You can go for paragliding in Delo, which will be arranged people of the home stays.
  • You can also go for rock climbing and river rafting in River Teesta.

For the fooding and lodging, you can rely on the home stays, to provide with home cooked food and comfortable stay. Visiting Ramdhura will be one of your greatest satisfactions of the soul, which you would not forget.

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