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Top Enjoyable Things to Do While You are on a Sundarban Tour

Top Enjoyable Things to Do While You are on a Sundarban Tour

The Sundarbans is one of those parts of the world that you just cannot miss visiting at least once in your life. Located in the southernmost part of West Bengal, it is a place where you can become one with nature without any interruptions. Many people throng to these forests every year and yet, somehow, nature comes out as the victor as the region remains largely untouched. There are plenty of things that you can choose to do on your Sundarban tour to make it ever-so-memorable. With that in mind, read on to know what these things are that you can partake in.

Things You Can Do When on Your Sundarban Tour

• Spot the River Dolphins

One of the things that you actually have a good chance to end up doing is watching the river dolphins in the river. These creatures routinely come up to the water surface, but you are likely to catch just a glimpse of them. You can engage in a friendly competition with your companions, counting how many of these aquatic mammals everyone counts.

• Yearn for a Glimpse of the Tiger

While this might not seem like such an interesting activity, when you consider the fact that you actually do have a chance to see the majestic Royal Bengal tiger in all of its glory in the forest, things do become much more exciting. You would do well, in fact, to go into the Sundarbans thinking that you actually might not witness any tigers; if you do happen to see one or two, count yourself extremely lucky. One thing you must not forget, however, is that even though you might not see a tiger, a tiger might be watching you without you even realising.

• Watch the Birds

You can consider yourself to be extremely unfortunate if you happen to go on a Sundarban tour and somehow do not spot any exotic birds. These forests are considered a hub for both native and migratory birds from all across the world, and you will be spoiled for choice as far as watching birds is concerned.

• Click away the Photographs

If there is a hidden photographer inside you, and we all have one in today’s age of camera phones, you can click the most beautiful photos when you visit the majestic and sometimes, imposing Sundarbans. You will be able to flaunt these photos to your near and dear ones once you are back home and be able to win a few brownie points from all over.

These are some of the activities you can engage in while on your Sundarban tour. An ever-increasing number of people are starting to go there and with good reason. To reiterate a very important thing; do not go in expecting to see tigers in the wild.

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