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Things You Should Not Do in Maldives as a Tourist

Things You Should Not Do in Maldives as a Tourist

Almost the entire world is in “home quarantine” right now. This is the toughest time for passionate travellers who travel frequently. However, they can do one thing in this situation that will make them happy for sure. They can collect as much information as they can about the location of their next trip. If Maldives is in your travel list for 2020, then you should try to grab information about Maldives Tour Package from Kolkata in this home quarantine period.
However, before making any further plans, you should know things tourists should not do in this country.

Know More about DON’Ts in Maldives

Maldives is one of those Islamic countries that welcome the tourists warmly. However, they have their certain cultural norms and religious regulations which all should respect.

Avoid Alcohol on Public Beaches

As per the Islamic rules of the country, you are not allowed to consume or carry alcohol on the public beaches in Maldives. However, your resort can offer you cocktails and hard drinks. You can have them while relaxing on the shores of your resort, but do not take chances with alcohols while roaming in the public places.

Don’t Take Off Your Tees

Maldives is the country of beautiful and exotic beaches. Then how can you stop yourself from flaunting your gorgeous body in a stunning bikini? Well, you have to control your urge because wearing a bikini on public beaches is prohibited in Maldives. Nonetheless, you can wear them gladly on the beach of your resort.

Public Display of Affection

Avoid excess displaying on intimacy or affection in public places. Since this is an Islamic country, the local people do not like to see such attitudes of the tourists, and you should respect their feelings. Their conservative nature will not support your public displaying of affection.

Do Not Go Outside without Sunscreen

This beach country has a lot to offer the tourists. The beautiful ocean and the alluring beaches will make your vacation memorable. However, if you do not want to carry the mark of your beautiful beach vacation on your body, then please use good quality sunscreen whenever you go out at the day time in Maldives.

Do Not Wear Shoes on the Beaches

Maldives is a land of soft and crystal clear sand. You would love to feel that soft sand beneath your feet while walking on the beaches. Do not wear shoes there. You can carry your slip-on sandals in your bag and wear them outside the beach. Heels are not recommended on the roads of Maldives unless you are utterly obsessed with them.

Do Not Litter the Sea

As a tourist, it is your prime duty to keep the sea and the beaches clean. Do not litter those areas with plastic or other types of objects. Carry an excess bag in which you can dump your waste while spending time of the public beach and then throw that bag into the bins whenever you find one.
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