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Select The Best Sundarban Tour Package From Kolkata Like A Pro

Select The Best Sundarban Tour Package From Kolkata Like A Pro

If you are willing to visit a National Park which is both amazing and unique, a Surdarbans tour package is exactly what you need. You can catch a glimpse of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger and various species of flora and fauna. The dense forest and its wilderness is the natural home to some of the endangered predators.

Whether you are a wildlife or nature lover, visit the place as the uniqueness of the estuarine of the Sundarbans has made it one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. Just know which route and time is most suitable for your trip.

How To Reach?
If you are planning to visit Surdarbans from Kolkata, you can easily avail a train to Canning from Sealdah. These trains are quite frequent and it takes around 1 to 2 hours to cover the distance. Tourists can also hire a van or private taxi to Canning and then to Godhkali Jetty which is basically the initial point from where you can start your boat cruise to the Sundarbans. You can also opt for a tour package and your travel agent will help you reach your destination with least hassles.

Know The Best Time To Visit Sundarban From Kolkata
• Summer
Since the summer months generally range from April to June, visiting the National park isn’t advisable during this time. During the daytime, the weather becomes very hot and unbearable for which the tourists might feel uncomfortable. Those hiring non-AC boats can’t even enjoy the amazing wildlife and beautiful surroundings because of the unbearable heat waves on the deck. The humidity is also quite high during this time as the temperature sometimes reaches 40 degree Celsius.

• Monsoon
If you want to enjoy a safe Sundarban trip, the time from July to September isn’t suitable. Sundarbans experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season which increases the water level and your boar safari become risky. Though the rainfall enhances the beauty of the wild flora and fauna, don’t visit the place if you are planning to hire the small boats.

• Winter
Opt for a Sundarban tour package from Kolkata between the months of October and March and make the most out of your trip. The pleasant weather will make your day trip comfortable. Even the wildlife animals come out from the forest to the river banks to enjoy the sun so you can see many of them from your boat. Avoid the very cold days and enjoy the beauty of the raw forest.

Since you are now aware of the best time to visit Sundarbans, start looking for a reliable travel agency offering affordable tour packages.

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