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Planning a visit to Sundarban – The Abode of Bio-diversity

Planning a visit to Sundarban – The Abode of Bio-diversity

Sundarban – the largest mangrove forest is a river-riddled marshy region of changing tides. This mist-shrouded mystic area is all about the man eating Royal Bengal Tigers and off-the-tack adventure. It’s about bi-diversity and composed eco-system. The swampy forest is bordered on three sides by India and Bangladesh, the most populated countries in the world. But still the wood is remote, inhospitable, harsh, hard-to-reach and mysterious. This literally wild terrain is rarely inhabited by people. The chugging along the channels and bays into the uncanny, moist heart of obscurity is thrilling and tranquil as well.

Why Choose A Sundarban Tour Package
The key attraction of visiting this serene and breathtaking forest is the great Royal Bengal tiger. Sundarban is the only abode of this magnificent creature. Though often known as man-eaters, these clever beasts are hardly spottable. But you can’t ignore the thrill of trying to track one. Even if you are not lucky enough to spot any, the memory of sitting on the boat-deck while floating through the thick wood is something that will excite you throughout your life.

How to Go There
The forest of Sundarban is divided in 40:60 ratio, between India and Bangladesh. You can visit the forest from either of the countries. Though Bangladesh provides the opportunity to discover the forest in more profundity, the India side is easily accessible.

Sundarban Tour From Kolkata
Exploring the Indian side of the forest is possible from Kolkata. Sundarban tour package from Kolkata is something that you can rely upon. Though multi-day trips are more popular, single day tour may also be arranged. But the later will be hectic, tiring and so long. So it is better to choose an overnight trip; sleep onboard of the tour boat or accommodate yourself in a jungle safari-lodge on land.

How to Reach There
A number of tours and travel operators operate Kolkata-Sundarban tour that takes around 3 hours to reach the river bank from where you have to board your boat. These trips usually include to and fro transportation. You can visit websites of different operators and choose one that suits your requirement the best. Once chosen, complete the process of booking online.

When to Go
The winter months, especially from October to February would be the best time to explore Sundarban. The weather there is at its best during that time. You can expect a soothing temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Centigrade and a little to no rain. Though monsoon months (June to August) are the best to enjoy greener Sundarban, heavy rain may ruin your plan.

Word of Cautions
As it comes to planning a Sundarban trip, make sure you follow the undermentioned tips.

  • Advance Booking – For a multi-day tour from Kolkata, book at least three to four weeks in advance. Prefer to book online.

  • Small Boats – Instead of booking larger boats carrying 50 passengers, better you choose smaller boats. The larger boats may get quite rowdy.

These are the things you should consider while choosing a Sundarban Tour Package and planning an adventurous trip to Sundarban. But never try to disturb the serenity and individuality of the forest. Obey the forest rules and enjoy your trip.

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