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Love Challenging Roads? Start Your Trip To Zuluk Loops

Love Challenging Roads? Start Your Trip To Zuluk Loops

The beauty offered by Zuluk is indeed mesmerising and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Whether you love nature or have an adventurous soul, the curved roads have something to offer all. Some of the views are indeed sense-stimulating. If you are willing to polish your mind by discovering new dimensions, Zuluk in East Sikkim is the best place for you to be. The loops look like colossal work of art just like the Silk Route.

About Silk Route

If you are planning to visit Sikkim, Silk Route is one of the places you should definitely include in your trip itinerary. Located in the remotest corner of the Himalayas, people used to earlier exchange commercial and cultural ideas through the route. It connects India and Tibet which makes it the largest long-distance network of trading. Not only was material goods exchanged but even intellectual thoughts and art. The unanticipated strangeness offered by Silk Route makes it histories and can set your adrenaline pumping.

Make Zuluk Your Next Destination

The isolated village amidst the majestic hills of East Himalayas has a lot to offer the tourists. Just one drive down the loops can turn out to be the best drives in your life. There are almost 32 turns in the jaw-dropping rough route where you can capture some incredible moments. Wild and virgin forests also surround it.

Best Time To Visit

Though the beauty offered by Zuluk and Silk Route can be enjoyed throughout the year, the best time to visit is between August and September. The flowery summer enhances the beauty of the place even further. Those visiting Zuluk from January to April should stay prepared to experience the freezing snow. Feel your heart pounding as you drive through the snow-clad loops.

4 Unique Facts About Zuluk You Will Love Reading

  1. The Thambi viewpoint situated at the height of 11000 feet will let you capture some panoramic views of the loops with the huge Kanchenjunga as the background.

  2. Choose an experienced travel agency offering Silk Route tour packages and they will arrange the special permit required to visit Zuluk from Rangli.

  3. Stay prepared for some engaging and exciting stay with locals in friendly homestays as there are no hotels in the village.

  4. Though being a very rare destination, Zuluk is easily accessible through Gangtok and Kalimpong. Your travel agent will let you know which route will suit you the best.

  5. Know The Weather

    You can expect to experience pleasant weather in Zuluk all over the year as the village is located at an altitude of about 7,000 ft. Heavy showers are very common during the rainy season. You can also experience snowfall in some areas during winter. Those visiting Zuluk during summer should carry warm clothing and umbrella as there is a substantial difference in temperature between the day and night.

    Since Zuluk and Silk Route have so much to offer, it’s time you start looking for an experienced travel agency offering affordable tour packages.

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