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A Quick Brief on Sundarban and Its Orientations

A Quick Brief on Sundarban and Its Orientations

There are many places on earth that resist definition. They don’t disclose their secrets easily. They are not meant for only charming photos or pithy phrases. They are much more than that. And as it comes to talking about such places, it feels like sheer impertinence, at least as a tourist. And Sundarban is one of such places that literally can’t be explained in words. As the name suggests, Sundarban means beautiful forest though the name is derived from the Sundari trees that are found in abundance in this mangrove region.

Reasons to Look for an Affordable Sundarban Tour Package

Sundarban includes a huge tract of water and mangrove forest spread widely across lower delta of the river Ganges. For the tourists staying in Kolkata, the place is both near and far. Let me explain. Being an inhabitant of the crowded urban jungle, it is really unexpected for you imagining that the fate of seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger in its territory is only a 100 km away. On the contrary, whether you go by road or by train, it needs quite a good chunk of time to reach to the river. After reaching the river, you need to take a boat. And the entire journey is quite tedious. Nevertheless, your tediousness will just vanish within the first thirty minutes of your river journey. The spectacular landscape and the clear sky-line change dramatically. Though every human face on the boats and the bank are familiar, they seem like coming from another time….another place… where you’ve never been. The boat ride is like a journey on the time-machine. Everything over there seems so different and unusual.

Orientations To Go There

So if you have finally made the decision to opt for a Sundarban tour package from Kolkata, let’s have a quick look at different orientations to choose from.

Namkhana – If you want to visit Lothian Wildlife Sanctuary and/or Bhagabatpur Crocodile Breeding Centre or even Bakkhali, choose Namkhana as the starting point.

Sajnekhali – This is, in fact, the major entry point to this enormous, dangerously beautiful landscape that entails both vast waterbody and forest. Sajnekhali lies just at the junction point of Gomdi and Peechkali rivers. This is where you need to start to get into Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve following the routes jotted down by the forest department though the core area of Tiger Reserve declared as Sunderbans National Park remains closed to the travelers owing to security purpose.

Gosaba – This is another important gateway to get into the territory of Sundarban. The place is bounded by a number of narrow creeks. The best way to explore the creeks is by country boats though you can also hire a motorboat.

Any Sundarban Tour Package starts from any of these three places.


Never try to explore the place without help of local guide or supervision of your tour operator. There are strict regulations about where you can go in this delta region. Also Sundarban is the home to a number of dangerous animals like crocodiles, let alone the tigers. So avoid being daring in Sundarban. Just follow your guide and enjoy the trip.

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