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5 Interesting Things No One Tells You About Sikkim Tour (But Should!)

5 Interesting Things No One Tells You About Sikkim Tour (But Should!)

Planning to tour Sikkim and the nearby areas during your upcoming holidays? Fascinated with the beauty and heritage of the state? Well, there is more to Sikkim than just the snow-capped Himalayas, small streams and rich biodiversity. Trust us; there are numerous interesting things which you can expect from your tour package but have always been unaware of since no one ever told you about them!

While you may be busy with the preparations, it’s important to be aware of what to expect from your travel itinerary. A state which boasts of 11 official languages and numerous rituals, can be your ideal destination for relishing the complete pleasure of untouched natural beauty. Thus, you must be careful and give attention to various aspects and do a thorough research for having a remarkable travel experience!

Read on then to find out some fascinating aspects of travelling to Sikkim which no one has told you about till date!

Sikkim Tour Package: Few Exciting Things Which No One Tells You About

  1. Hot Spring
    The state is blessed with numerous natural hot springs, mostly of medicinal value. There is one situated in Lachung, just before the Chamtung Valley on the right-hand side of the road, which many travellers are not aware of. This hot spring is free to access for every tourist and a dip in this hot spring can help you bear the freezing weather on your way to the Zero point.

  2. 8 Lucky Symbols
    While visiting the architectural structures here, you will often come across buildings which consist of 8 signs of Buddhism. Though tourists remain mostly unaware of the meaning behind each of these symbols, it is always good to know what they signify.

  • The two golden fish- to swim through various troubles in life

  • The parasol- to protect from suffering

  • The lotus- for a blooming life

  • The conch shell- indicates the sound of Dharma reaching everywhere for awakening humans from ignorance

  • The dharma wheel- represents the circle of life and karma

  • The banner of victory- for victory over evil

  • The eternal knot- represents the union of wisdom and compassion

  • The vase- for a healthy life

  1. Prayer Flags
    One of the most pretty and attractive features of opting for a Sikkim tour package is the presence of colours in the state. The roads and streets here are filled with prayer flags of numerous colours. Buddhists plant these flags for spreading positive vibrations across the country. Each of these flags is believed to purify the human soul.

  2. Weather
    Are you a late sleeper or a late riser? Sikkim is your ideal place to get yourself on track then. While morning hits the place by 4 am, it gets pitch dark by 6 pm in the evening, with the entire town retiring by 7 pm. Since the weather here is uncertain, there is no fixed time for rains. While the morning may witness rain, it may snow in the afternoon. Thus, you should carry an umbrella to avoid a drenched visit.

  3. Food
    People in the East prefer to have food which is simple and low on spice. Even “Thukpa”, their staple food consists of vegetable stew and plain noodles. Since potato is grown in abundance here, you will find potatoes in every food item. “Momos” are another popular food item and are available in three types- steamed, chilly and fried.

  4. Now that you are aware of these amazing facts, what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a reputed tour operator and book your package to make the most out of your Sikkim trip!

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