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4 Yummy Dishes You Can Try During Your Sikkim Tour

4 Yummy Dishes You Can Try During Your Sikkim Tour

If you think that the scenic beauty of Sikkim is responsible for attracting hundreds of people to this famous tourist destination every year, it’s time you think again. Not only does the place reflects nature untouched by technology but also offers the perfect blend of colourful culture and delicious food. People living there enjoy complete peace and harmony and so does the tourists.

A unique feature of the Sikkimese cuisine is that it is quite relishing inspite of being simple. Just visit Sikkim once and you can treat your taste buds with some of the most delicious Tibetan, Nepalese and Sikkimese food items. The wide variety of dishes offered by these three cultures will leave you craving for more.

Looking For A Sikkim Tour Package? Few Dishes You Can Enjoy During Your Trip

  • Momo: Though momo or dumplings are famous all over India, Sikkim is one of the places you should visit if you want to taste the best momos. Though being of Tibetan origin, the dish was modified by the Nepalese and it became more delicious. The steamed bun filled with meat or vegetable stuffing has two parts, the filling and the cover. Though the traditional momos had minced meat fillings, they have undergone many modifications over the years. Try the cheese-filled momos if you are a foodie.

  • Thukpa: It is a noodle soup loved by people of Sikkim. It is both healthy and tasty as it is prepared by locally grown vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, celery, spinach and bell peppers. The chicken thukpa is also quite famous. Whether you are ordering a plate of vegetable thukpa or the chicken variety, expect it to have an enriching taste as it is rich in spices. It is easily available in almost every cafe in Sikkim and one serving is sufficient for an individual.

  • Sha Phaley: If you love bread, meat and deep-fried stuff, try this famous Tibetan dish. Ground meat and cabbage are stuffed inside semi-circle bread before deep-frying them. The exterior layer is quite crispy and the stuffing inside is also delicious. The traditional dish underwent a lot of variations to suit the demands of various people. Tourists simply love the ones made using cheese and tofu stuffing.

  • Sinki: If you have opted for a Sikkim Tour Package just because you are willing to soak the scenic beauty of the place and try some Sikkimese dishes, try this famous traditional dish called Sinki. Radish tap roots are the main ingredient used to prepare the dish. They are finely chopped before putting them inside a bamboo. This is then covered with mud and vegetation for a month so that bacteria can work on them. Not only does preparing the dish take a long time but you can also keep their freshness intact for almost a year.

These being said, it’s time you choose a Sikkim tour package offered by renowned agencies and try one or all the delicious dishes stated above.

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