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4 Adventure Sports You Can Include In Your Bhutan Tour Packages

4 Adventure Sports You Can Include In Your Bhutan Tour Packages

Though there are numerous tourist destinations scattered all over the world for you to choose from, there has been a recent increase in the number of tourists visiting Bhutan. The country is no doubt beautiful with numerous places to explore during your trip. It is not just about the scenic beauty of the place but it is also considered to be a paradise for adventure lovers. The unique flora and fauna, the high altitude lakes, rapids, cliffs and mountains can set your excitement metre high. Just make sure you include the adventure sports in your tour package and satisfy your urge.

Choosing A Bhutan Tour Package? Few Adventure Activities You Can Include

1. Whitewater Rafting
If you want to enjoy some river rafting in Bhutan, choose either the Pho Chhu or Mo Chhu river. The latter has numerous rapids and offer a beautiful setting of the mountains before it meets the Pho Chhu river. The rapids around Punakha Dzong is the best part of the rafting trail. Whitewater rafting is one of the easiest ways you can burn some calories during your trip.

2. Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is quite popular in Bhutan as there are numerous mountains where you can enjoy the sport. The Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club made the activity popular in the country. There is also a natural climbing rock outside Thimpu. There are numerous routes of various length and varying degrees of difficulties. You can either practice climbing on natural rocks or artificial walls.

3. Kayaking
Kayaking is widely preferred by the solo travellers so make sure you include it in your Bhutan Tour Packages from Mumbai. There are numerous rivers in Bhutan you can choose from. Not only is the river flow suitable for kayaking but also let you soak some scenic beauty. Few of the common rivers Kayakers generally prefer are Puna Tsang Chhu, Wang Chuu, Kuri Chuu, Sunkosh and Mangde Chuu.

4. Trekking
The various trails running through the Bhutanese Himalayas makes it one the most preferred destinations for trekkers. The mountainous reaches are quite inviting with the Jomolhari trek being one of the most popular activities. Nature Camp Travels is one of the few travel agencies you can approach if you want to choose a trek which offers stunning views of the Himalayan peaks.

These being said, it’s time to include one or all the adventure sports stated above in your Bhutan tour package.

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